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🚀 Celebrating an exhilarating week of #designThinking and #researchValorization!

We welcomed 24 innovation managers and technology transfer specialists from universities and research organizations in Czechia🇨🇿, Hungary🇭🇺, Poland🇵🇱, Slovakia🇸🇰, Georgia🇬🇪, and Armenia🇦🇲 to Prague for ImpactSprint: from research to product training for trainers.

This intensive one-week event had a clear mission: ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship among students and young researchers, foster knowledge sharing, embrace new techniques, and spark inspiration.

🙏 A heartfelt THANK YOU to our incredible team of trainers:

- Ondra Brém, our HCD expert and the master of ceremony.

- Iro Tsagareishvili, for leading the enlightening pitching session.

- Vardan Gevorgyan, for sharing his knowledge on commercialization and IP protection.

- Emil Podwysocki, for diving deep into digital prototyping.

- Vojtěch Kadlec, Jiri Navratil, and Vojtech Nosek, who shared their insights on innovation development, technology assessment, and prototyping.

Our gratitude extends to other speakers, organizations, and partners who contributed to the success of the event:

- Michal Pohludka from GeneSpector Innovations, for sharing their inspiring journey as a spin-off of Charles University.

- Mirek Lizec from MIWA Technologies, a.s., for their fascinating exploration of "packaging as a service" and waste-free shopping.

- PrusaLab and Průša Research, for their unwavering support to the innovation community and invaluable insights into prototyping.

- Kampus Hybernská, for hosting our public debate on entrepreneurship education.

- International Visegrad Fund, for their vital financial support.


Image by El Guseinov
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