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spin-out companies


technological innovations


Accelerating the path to strategic innovation.

Discovering innovative and competitive technologies

We find the best technology solutions for your innovation. We look for solutions that are already on the market as well as those that are still being developed.

Seeking key partnerships

We will find a top research partner with a proven interest in collaboration for your innovation.

Assessing IP & technology risks

We specialize in identifying intellectual property and technology risks. We will quickly and professionally create a case for investment in technology companies or prepare your company for the next investment rounds.

Adding value to corporate know-how

>>> IP Optimization

We will analyze and value your company's intellectual property and optimize your costs invested in it.

Delivering real innovation

>>>  New product development management

From idea to functional prototype, we will guide your company through the entire process and monitor each development milestone: we are your one-stop-shop for innovation.

Shaping innovation policy

We use our expertise and experience in setting innovation policy in cooperation with regional, national and international institutions.

KAYSER, s.r.o.

In the search for alternative materials for the production of our core range, we have reached beyond the horizon of our vision. Thanks to UNICO, we were able to find a way out of the impasse and see the issue in a broader context. The collaboration was very insightful and showed us the direction we should take next. If we find ourselves in a similar situation in the future, we will confidently turn to UNICO again and find our way together...

Ladislav Kotoulek

Managing Director

Testimonial UCED

PSP Technologies

After three years of working on a joint development project, I perceive the following typical top 5 characteristics of Unico team members: they track the assigned topics & tasks and really do the work. A true art of listening comes naturally to them. They have a nose for interesting topics, projects, great collaborators and contacts. Professional negotiation, great balance of agility, respect and assertiveness. And of course, knowledgeable, complete IP procurement.

Tomáš Slavík


Testimonial UCED


"We were pleasantly surprised by the cooperation with the academic sector. UNICO has found a top scientific team for us and is helping us to manage the collaboration - to make it effective and deliver results that we can use in practice. Our colleagues from the CTU bring a new perspective and ideas to the development of software for the digitalisation of the used car market - we are delighted with their high level of expertise, which will take the project forward."

Jakub Šulta


Testimonial UCED

Our team

UNICO was founded in 2017 at the CTU, where we soon recognized that collaboration between research and business can bring tremendous value to both sectors. To ensure that cutting-edge scientific discoveries do not remain hidden in academia, we decided to set up a consultancy company. We give a new dimension to technology transfer by addressing real business needs and bringing collaborative opportunities to the scientific sphere.

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