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Unlock Your IP's Value

Discover how much your intellectual property is truly worth with expert valuation services.

Maximize the value of your IP with UNICO

Based in Prague, UNICO specializes in IP valuation services to help businesses protect and leverage their intellectual property. Our expert team is dedicated to providing accurate and insightful valuation reports to support your strategic decision-making.


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About us

UNICO is a leading company in IP valuation. With a team of experts dedicated to providing accurate and reliable valuation services, we strive to help our clients make informed decisions regarding their intellectual property assets.

Our commitment to excellence and professionalism sets us apart in the industry. Trust UNICO for all your IP valuation needs.

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  • What is IP valuation?
    IP valuation is the process of determining the financial value of intellectual property assets owned by a business.
  • Why is IP valuation important?
    IP valuation is important for strategic decision-making, assessing potential risks, and maximizing the value of IP assets.
  • What factors are considered in IP valuation?
    Factors such as market demand, competitive landscape, IP type, age, and uniqueness are considered in IP valuation.
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