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We address intellectual property (IP) from a business perspective.
We optimize the cost of managing and controlling it: so that your business doesn't spend unnecessarily on unconceptual or dysfunctional IP protection and lose out on the benefits of getting it right.

We prepare a detailed process analysis, evaluate the current state of play and present a comprehensive IP strategy document.
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1. Analysis
This is used to assess the "strength" of IP in relation to existing protection of competition and similar solutions. The output is a classification of IP into groups: strong - medium - weak

2. Interviews
We ask targeted questions to understand the commercial relevance of IP to the company's current and future business. The output is a breakdown of IP into groups: critical to sales - important but not critical to sales - not important to sales

3. Quantification
Based on the knowledge from the previous steps, we calculate the cost-benefit for each IP and obtain its specific value for the company. On the basis of the quantification, we divide the IP into groups according to their importance for the company's competitiveness: absolutely essential - important but replaceable - dispensable.

4. Recommendations
We provide the company with business recommendations on how to further work with its IP.

We create a shared and sustainable process that leads to increased "return on investment (ROI)"

We are able to quantify the value of your company's intellectual property in a relevant way and assess the "value for money" of its protection

We evaluate the current state, define strengths and weaknesses and present a comprehensive IP system solution


We save money spent on non-functional IP protection

We offer a clearer path through complex terrain

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